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Peter Maiden


The second annual Women In Salsa event took place at La Peña Cultural Center on March 1st, and it was a great evening.  Barbara Valladares opened the show singing to an instrumental track from the album she is producing of her group Chambo.  Cha Cha Boom was next, a tight dance band whose lyrics were mostly in English, but whose swing was straight-up Latin.  Notable was Michaelle Goerlitz, who has mastered the timbales and delivered with panache as a soloist. 

 When Orquesta D’Soul came on, the audience surged with excitement.  The charismatic front line of singers Marina Garza, Lisa Gimenez and Nikki O’Shaugnessy put on a dymanic presentation.  Garza also plays trumpet and is the band’s leader.  Orquesta D’Soul has an album out, called “Remember Me,” and is working on their second one.  The show closed with a jam session, again featuring Valladares, who improvised lyrics in the tradition of the soneros, or should I say soneras!

Here of are some of my photos from the event.  (click on photos for a larger image

Barbara Valladares


Cha Cha Boom

Orquesta D'Soul

Laura Rodrigue of-OrquestraD'Soul

Orquestra D'Soul


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