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Here are some wonderful videos for people interested in Latin music history and culture.  Most are not instructional dance videos but you can probably pick up innovative styling and footwork from some of them while you learn more about the people and places that have contributed to this rich musical heritage.


ANORAZA DE UNA EPOCA,  a captivating video of performances of folkloric and contemporary Cuban folkloric and contemporary music and dance. Shot at the Mission Cultural Center in San Francisco in 1999,  ANORAZA DE UNA EPOCA captures the excitement and passion of a variety of dance styles such as son, danzon, cha cha cha, mambo, rumba and casino rueda.  ANORAZA DE UNA EPOCA is a  MUST HAVE for anyone who loves Salsa music and dance.

Available at the Salsaroots store.

front and side cover for Instructional Video #1SALSA A LA CUBANA  A 3 video series
 "A Demonstrational Video of Cuban-Style Salsa Dancing From The Source ..." presents demonstrations of great Cuban Style  Salsa/Rueda moves.  I believe all the dancers are from Santiago and you really get a sense of the unique, sensuous movements of male and female dancers.  The video opens with a great segment showing street dancers going full blast.

"The Fundamentals of Cuban-Style Casino Salsa Dancing" teaches techniques for leading and following a set of Casino (Rueda) patterns.  These moves can be used as part of rueda or danced by solo couples.

"Advanced Moves in Cuban-Style Casino Salsa Dancing" presents s tons of complex moves, footwork  and body styling for both men and women.  These moves are definitely for experienced dancers, preferably done with someone you know very well after lots of practice.  A great tape but dance at your own risk. No beginners allowed.

Available at www.salsaville.com


This demonstration video focuses on rueda but also give samples of Salsatrio , Songo,  Salsa Casino, Son and Quartetos de Casino, which consists of one man with two and three women.  Great energy, wonderful moves to spice up your dancing.  The video also includes scenes from the "Fiesta Santiaguera" dance party with a live band,  a slow motion section for learning complicated turns and  written notes to help track the action.

Available at www.boogalu.com


 This the granddaddy  of all Salsa videos and is a must have for anyone interested in Fania All-Stars and hard core New York Style Salsa music. “Our Latin Thing” was the product of the  late Jerry Masucci, founder and President of Fania Records, the label that first gave Salsa worldwide exposure. Some people suggest that Our Latin Thing was the first music video of our time, "Our Latin Thing." "Masucci was a visionary in the growth of this exciting music 30 years ago This musical documentary gives you a revealing, edgy look at  the exciting urban lifestyles of New York's Latinos during the 1970's. The scenes in the film were shot  at The Cheetah, a popular nightclub on August 26,1971 and throughout New York City.  Great dancers, amazing musical performances by  Ray Barretto - Willie Colon - Larry Harlow - Johnny Pacheco - Roberto Roena - Bobby Valentin - Santos Colon - Hector Lavoe - Ismael Miranda - Pete "El Conde" Rodriguez - Adalberto Santiago - Bobby Cruz - Cheo Feliciano - Ricardo Ray - Barry Rogers - Yomo Toro - Orestes Vilato and many more!


Available at http://spanishgoodies.safeshopper.com/322/1194.htm?690


  I stumbled upon this video just after I came back from my first trip to Cuba and it is one of my favorites. This entertaining survey of folkloric traditions in Cuba, as reflected through music, dance and everyday life, reveals the connections between African and Latino cultures. The video is evocative of the special reverence Cuban people have for the interplay been art, culture and religion. The video features interviews,  musical and dance performances by Chucho Valdez, Librada Quesada, Isaac Delgado, Juan Formel, Raíces Profundas, and Los Munequitos de Matanzas, and performers from Havana's International Jazz Festival.

Available at http://www.cinemaguild.com/homeEnt/music.htm


"The Buena Vista Social Club," produced by guitarist Ry Cooder and directed by Wim Wenders ("Paris, Texas","Wings of Desire") to explores the evocative life stories, captivating personalities and unforgettable music of the a talented group of traditional Cuban musicians.  Thanks to the dedication, pride and passion of these charismatic performers traditional music styles such as son has been rediscovered and exploded on the world music scene.  You will want to hop the first flight to Havana after you see this one.

Available at www.descarga.com

 Roots Of Rhythm: A Worldwide Celebration Of Latin Music From Africa To The Caribbean And America  (3 Video Set)
 Originally titled "Routes of Rhythm" this acclaimed series has been broadcast nationwide on public television. Color, three videos, approximately one hour each, VHS documentary. Host Harry Belafonte  with stellar cast of musicians leads you in a musical odyssey tracing the fiery roots of Latin music. The film starts with African tribal celebrations, explores carnival and street dancers in Cuba and erupts on the dance floors of New York's most popular nightclubs.  Performer featured in this film include Gloria Estefan, Dizzy Gillespie, Tito Puente, Celia Cruz, King Sunny Ade, Isaac Oviedo, Ruben Blades and many more.  Another pivotal CD for your collection.

Available at www.descarga.com


Banco Popular, a large Puerto Rican based financial institution, has released another wonderful video.  Raices explores the origins of  the Afro-Puerto Rican music/dance styles of Bomba Y Plena though dance and music performances, interviews and commentary by a Puerto Rican. Wonderful performances by the Cepeda family, Andy Montaňez, Marc Anthony, La India, Jose Feliciano, Giovanni Hildalgo and more.

Available at: http://www.casalatinamusic.com/videos.htm  and at http://www.tradicionmusical.com/raices/raices.htm

A'BAILAR The Journey of a Latin Dance Company

In this 1988 documentary Eddie Torres realizes his dream of creating a Latin dance company of the caliber of The Alvin Ailey Dance Troupe. Torres molds the best of New York's Hispanic dancers into a professional dance troupe with the help of legendary Puerto Rican musician and bandleader Tito Puente.   The performer dance with such passion, heart and pride that you want to run out and immediately take Mambo lessons from Eddie.  Click here to read rita@salsacrazy's recent interview with Eddie Torres.

Available at http://www.cinemaguild.com/tvCatalog/30minute.htm