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Kimball's Carnival is proud to present Son Sublime in their first West Coast appearance during the Memorial Day weekend.

Rated as the best Charanga band in NYC.

MAY 25-26  Salsa lesson at 8:00PM

                     Music at 9:00 PM

For more info:call 510-444-6979 or log on to www.kimballscarnival.com

Jesse Herrero, the leader of Son Sublime, was born in Santiago de Cuba. In Santiago, he listened to  radio shows where he  first heard Beny MorŤ and Orquesta AragÚn. As a child, Jesse and other kids with their homemade instruments would follow the comparsas (carnival bands) marching to the beat of the conga.  Jesse remember those days as being very magical, full of colors and bright lights from the comparseros costumes.

In 1963 Jesse moved to La Habana and several times Jesse was invited to see live performances of many famous orchestras like AragÚn at the CMQ radio station. He  remembers buying an accordion and learning standard songs  like, Una Noche Azul , El Manicero and La Guajira Guantanamera.  Very sadly Jesse had to leave his accordionbehind when he left Cuba in 1965 to go to Mexico and one year later to the United States to join the wave of Cuban Exiles.

As a youth in New York , Jessie played lead guitar with his rock and roll band (The Invaders) but at 18, he became very interested in his Cuban musical roots, especially Charanga, or Tipica as many Cubans would call it.  Jesse was fascinated by Aragon and American performers like El Maestro Johnny Pacheco, Jose Fajardo, Charlie Palmieri, Ray Barretto and their charangas.  Jesse began to collect antique Cuban recordings and listened to and studyed all the instruments used in this genre very closely.  Jesse became
enlightened by the way the vocals sang in Charanga. He says that because of the frequent use of unison singing and the subtle harmonies, the vocalist mustbe very disciplined and have a round and full type tonality in their voice. 

 Not many singers today have the qualities that are required to deliver a truly traditional Charanga sound. Jesse believes that the vocals are the most important component in the Charanga music.  Jesse explains that during his research he learned that the reason why two vocalists were usually used to singin unison in Charanga music was because in the beginning the microphone did not exist and one vocal would usually be drowned by the sound of the orchestra.  So in order for the lyrics to be heard, two singers were
matched together singing in unison to sound like one voice which is a very
difficult thing to do as it requires perfect intonation and the most accurate
pronunciation of the words simultaneously.

In 1973 Jesse joined Pupi Legarretas band Pupi y Su Charanga.  Pupis
shining talent in both the violin, flute and his unique arrangements were major influences on Jesseís career. In 1975 after departing from Pupi's band, he formed the exciting
young swinging Charanga band in New York City under the name 
 Between 1977-1985, the band recorded 3 albums  including their first hit "Coqueta". But in 1985 the band was officially dissolved by Jesse, who decided to concentrate his energies in other pursuits in the financial world.  Jesse is currently a Vice President at JP Morgan Chase & Co.

In the year 2000, the band was re-formed under the name of  Son Sublime and it is sounding better than ever under the leadership of the original founder Jesse Herrero, the orchestraís Executive Director and Producer. The band uses the rhythmic foundation of  the original Cuban Son and has combined it with intricate arrangements and orchestration to create an energetic, robust New York City sound.  Check out their new CD, "Irresistible" at your local store.