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wpe2.jpg (25129 bytes) Orchesta La Moderna Tradicion is one of the only ensembles in the US that is dedicated to the performance of classic Cuban dance music, particularly the lilting sounds of the danzon. Danzon blends pulsating Afro-Cuban drums with the refined riffs of flute and violins.
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Popular at the turn of the century, danzon led to the evolution of cha cha cha and Argentine tango. According to Roberto Borrell, "Danzon is a music that Miguel Failde created in 1879 to help people fall in love. He did it so couples could dance closer, body to body."

 Orchesta La Moderna Tradicion performs Cuban classics, new versions of American standards like "As Time Goes By" and original compositions designed to keep the tradition alive and kicking.

Orchesta La Moderna Tradicion, founded and lead by Havana-born Roberto Borrell, percussionist and renowned dancer, has performed to enthusiastic audiences at Lincoln Center in New York, Telluride Jazz Celebration, San Jose Jazz Festival, the San Francisco Jazz Festival and numerous venues in the Bay Area. Mr. Borrell is ably assisted Tregar Otton, co-leader and violinist/ composer and gifted music arranger for the orchestra. Recently Orchesta La Moderna Tradicion had the honor of sharing the stage with flutist Richard Egues, of Cubaís legendary Orquesta Aragon as part of a tribute concert series and later with the legendary Cuban trumpet player, "Chocolate" Armentaros at a special concert at Yoshiís in Oakland.

Orchesta La Moderna Tradicion brings together an assortment of experienced musicians from extremely diverse backgrounds and musical traditions, from jazz to salsa, flamenco to blues, all deeply committed to the orchestraís authenticity and artistic integrity. This eleven-piece orchestra is composed of tumbadora, violins, cello, bass, piano, tres, clarinet, flute, guiro and pailas.

Orchesta La Moderna Tradicion is proud to celebrate the release of it new CD "Goza Conmigo", on Saturday, March 17 at Kimballís Carnival. The entertainment will also include a dance demonstration of Roberto Borrell and his students  performing authentic danzon and cha cha cha steps.

 Following La Moderna Tradicionís critically acclaimed first recording "Danzonemos"(Candela/Tinder Records 1997), which focused on classic Cuban danzon, "Goza Conmigo" presents a broad repertoire of Afro-Cuban music with infectious swing and more contemporary sound. The new CD features three original compositions by Tregor Otton and updated arrangement of Cuban and French with some hip contemporary Cuban grooves.

To further his mission to revive and popularize danzon, Roberto Borrell, often gives dance lessons at the beginning of his shows. He also conducts regular classes in Cuban popular dance and folkloric dance in San Francisco at SoMarts Cultural Center on Wednesdays and at Mission Cultural Center on Saturdays.

Come to Kimballís Carnival in Oakland on March 17 from 9pm-1am to hear the elegant sounds of Orchesta La Moderna Tradicion.

Kimballís Carnival is located at 522 Second Street in Jack London Square, Oakland, CA. Phone (510)444-6979. Website: http://kimballscarnival.com. Cover charge is $15 and the guests can purchase the CD for $15.

For more information about Orchesta La Moderna Tradicion and Roberto Borrellís dance classes visit www.danzon.com.

For more information on danzon, go to www.salsaroots.com