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Cuban Jazz Legend

Eighty year old Frank Emilio Flynn, known as a "one man Buena Vista Social Club will be appearing for the first time in the Bay Area at the end of May 2001.Frank Emilio Flynn has been a legend for Cuban musicians for over 60 years.

His career as a composer and pianist has spanned the Cuban descargas (jam sessions) of the 1930's, the orquesta tipicas of the 1950's and modern Cuban jazz.At the age of 13 Flynn   began his music career when he was chosen for a prized position at a Havana radio station by symphonic composer/conductor Felix Guerrero.  He went on to play with Cuban greats such as sonero Miguel Matamoros, Antonio Maria Romeu and Ignacio Piniero and his Septeto Nacional.

In the 1940's Flynn refined his classical piano playing, studied orchestration and worked with musicians who were infusing American music with their own styles.  His first band "Loquibambia" included vocalist Omara Portuando, a featured singer in the movie "Buena Vista Social Club."  In the 50's, Flynn lead the Grupo Cubano de Musica Moderna, a band devoted to the new Latin jazz--blending Cuban rhythms and jazz. He was also one of the major instrumentalists of the "filin" sound of the 1950's--a musical style that blended Cuban bolero with a latin sound.  In 1977, he took over leadership of his current group Los Amigos.  Los Amigos (comprised of renowned musicians Tata Guines, William Rubalcaba, Changuito, Joaquin Oliveros and Enrique Lazaga) made their U.S. debut at Lincoln Center in 1998.

According to Chucho Valdes, renowned Cuban pianist, "In the Fifties and Sixties, Frank  Flynn and his quintet nurtured the Latin jazz style.  They were a model for a lot of groups and for individual musicians."

From the 1960's -1980's Flynn played in virtually every venue in Cuba--restaurants, symphonies and international functions.  He was received numerous awards in Cuba for his performances, compositions and dedication to teaching and developing teaching methods for the blind. Since the explosion of interest in Cuban music and the release of his Blue Note CD Ancestral Reflections, Flynn's Los Amigos have performed in countless jazz festivals in Japan, Canada and Europe.


Frank Emilio Flynn will be appearing at::

 May 26  Main Post Chapel, SF Presidio.

May 28  La Pena, 3105 Shattuck, Berkeley

May 30   Icon Supper Club  260 California, Palo Alto

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