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If you want to expand your CD library, we recommend adding the following classic selections. All CDs are available at either amazon.com or descarga.com. This list was compiled with the help of D.J. Chata Gutierrez  and Ivette Fuentes and represent just a few of our favorites. E-mail me (rita@salsacrazy.com) if you have more recommendations.


"Son De La Loma" on Miguel Matamoros Y Su Cuarteto Maisi (Alma Latina)  Released  1959, Re-Issued 1997

"Bururu Barara" on Dundunbaza! . Sierra Maestra     (World Circuit Released 1995)

   "Adivinalo" on I am Cuba, disk 3. Arsenio Rodriguez    (Blue Jacket Entertainment) Originally from "El Ciego Maravilloso"    ArsenioRodriguez  Y Su     Conjunto  11946-1947


Havana Danzon" on Descarga Total, Maraca Released 2000

 "Tres Linda Cubanas" [Three Beautiful Cuban Women] on I am Cuba disk. Sexteto Habanero (Black Jacket Entertainment). This classic danzon was first recorded by the Sexteto Habanero in 1926 and has become a popular selection for many son bands.


"No se asusten" on Pachangas, Vol. 1,

Belisario Lopez Y su Charanga (Ansonia 1288),

"Pare Cochero" [Please Stop Mr. Postman on " I am Cuba" disk 3 Orchestra Aragon


"Palo YaYa" on Title Cuba 30 (Grupo Afrocuba de Mantanzas)

"La Voz Del Congo" on I am Cuba, disk 2. Clave Y Guaguanco (Blue Jacket Entertainment 1997)


Chano Pozo, El tambor de Cuba.  The 2 CD set is a great presentation of music by of this pioneer in Mambo and Latin Jazz.  It includes a wonderful 143 page booklet that describes the life and times of Chano Pozo.

"Mambo Gonzon" on Dancemania Vol. 1 (BMG/Tropical Series 2467), Released 1957; Re-Issued 1991,Arranged by Tito Puente, Vocals: Santito Colón. Includes other legendary selections such as: 'Cayuco,' 'Hong Kong Mambo,' 'Complicacion,' 'Saca Tu Mujer,' and 'Varsity Drag Mambo

"Manteca" on Dizzy Gillespie And His Big Band In Concert — Featuring Chano Pozo CD (GNP/Crescendo 23), Released 1948; Re-Issued 1993. This recording was made from the legendary 1948 concert at the Pasadena Civic Auditorium

" Mambo No.5" on 10 Grandes Exitos De Pérez Prado - Versiones Originales CD (BMG/INT 9741-2-RL7), Released 1989


"Pa ‘Gozar" on Dance City, Eddie Torres and His Mambo Kings Orchestra (E & E ), Released 1994; Produced by Oscar Hernandez

"Oy Como Va" on Tito Puente: 50 Years of Swing (RMM) Released 1997


El Roble Mayor. Rafael Cepeda (Balele Records), 1996

Sonomos Boricuas. Los Plenaros de la 21(Rounder Records), 1996

 Bombazo. Afro Boricua. (Blue Jacket Entertainment),1998

"Traigo La Plena" on Plena Señora. Fe Cortino (Croman Caribe 1001), Released 1997 (plena)

"Donde Esta Mi Negra" on El Rumbero del Piano. Eddie Palmieri (RMM 1998)(plena)

"Prendio Candela" on Legado De Bomba Y Plena. Modesto Cepeda (MCB 9705)(bomba)

Elena, Elena" on Plenas. Manuel Jimenez "Canario",(Ansonia 1232),(bomba)

"El Dueno Monte " on El Rumbero del Piano. Eddie Palmieri (RMM 1998)(bomba)


  Raices Habanera.  The Original Roots of Cuban Music.  Raices Habanera, which originated in New Jersey in 1996 presents wonderful examples of the four different types of Cuban rumba: yambu, guaguanco, columbia, jiribila.  They even include examples of traditional abakua rhythms.




THE MAMBO BOYS:  Check out MP3 files with samples of salsa, boogalu, shingaling and everything in between.  The site focuses on latin soul and mambo sounds of the sixties and the seventies. All produced by veteran salsa, mambo, boogaloo, latin-soul producer, Bobby Marin

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