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TIMBA music is the hottest, new musical genre from Cuba that has erupted on to the world music scene in years. Timba is comprised of an exciting mix of traditional Cuban music, rock, Salsa, hip-hop, jazz, and R&B. Globally there are hundreds of websites (e.g. www.timba.com and www. www.sastom.demon.nl), radios shows and nightclubs dedicated to this new form. One of the top timba groups is (and my personal favorite) PAULITO F.G. Y SU ELITE.

PAULITO F.G. (Fernandez Gallo), lead singer and group leader, is known for his streetwise musical genius, dynamic barrio dancing and hypnotic, high-energy performances. He is considered the Latino "Babyface" because during his
performance woman often rush the stage, faint mid-concert and tear their clothes off.

PAULITO F.G. began his career at the age of five and by his twenties he was a seasoned professional. He performed with the the popular bands of Adalberto Alvarez and Dan Den.  His big break came in 1989 when he joined Opus 13 and revamped their music and performance style. In 1992 he formed PAULITO Y SU ELITE and the group began touring internationally-- breaking box office records in nightclubs concert halls throughout Europe, Asia, and Latin America.  PAULITO F.G. Y SU ELITE has received numerous musical honors - two include Cuba’s EGRAM awards (their version of the GRAMMY) in the categories of best new artist and performer.

PAULITO F.G. Y SU ELITE makes their first visit to the United States in February 2001 with their "Getting to Know You Tour". Februrary 9-11 he will perform at  the Bay Area’s number one salsa dance club, Kimball’s Carnival located at 522 Second Street in Oakland’s Jack London Square. The tickets are $20.  For more information call 510.444.6979 or log into the Calendar section of www.salsacrazy.com.

Log into www.timba.com  to listen to cuts from his latest CD and for the complete listings of dates and locations for the rest of Paulito's "Getting To Know YOU 2001"tour.



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Paulito F.G. y Su Elite 

 Una Vez Mas Por Amor

Released 2000. Promusic, 

Paulito F.G. y SuElite

Con la conciencia tranquila

Released 1997, Nueva Fania,
Available at La Bodega Musical, Descaraga.com

Paulito F.G. Y Su Elite 

 El bueno soy yo

Re-released 1997 Universal Latino
Available at Amazon.com

Paulito F.G. y su Elite 


Re-released 1998 Universal Latino
Available at La Bodega Musical, Descarga.com

Paulito F.G. y su Elite

Tú no me calculas:

represented by PROMUSIC, María Eurgenia Guerrero Rodríguez, Calle 12 No. 117 entre 1 y 3, Miramar, Ciudad de La Habana, tel +53 (7) 331473 / 331524,

Paulito & Opus 13 

 Forbidden Cuba in the '90s: Dance and romance:

Re-released by RMM in '98
Available at La Bodega Musical

Paulito y Su Elite

  Paulito y Su Elite

Released 1996, Available at Descarga.com

Paulito y Opus 13

  Dance & Romance

Released 1991,

Available at Descarga.com