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* SALSACRAZY. My Favorite Salsa Website.

Evan (a.k.a. Mr.Salsacrazy) and his staff keep their finger on the pulse of the Salsa music and dance community by providing an up to date calendar of club listings in SF and Northern California. Salsacrazy.com  has a comprehensive listing of dance classes and workshops.  The site also has a a partner matching service if you're looking for the dance partner of your dreams.  If you join their e-mail list you will hear about ticket giveaways and special events.  The Salsacrazy.com t-shirt is almost as classy as the Salsaroots.com t-shirt. Check it out. www.salsacrazy.com


SALSABORTROPICAL. This Miami based site is great resource Salsa/ Mambo dancers.  The site features a schedule of classes , nightclub listings and articles on Mambo and Salsa. http://www.salsabortropical.com

RUEDA IN CANADA.  Tropicasino  Dance Group is a troupe of Latin and Canadian dancers who were the first to introduce "Rueda Casino" to Ottawa. Their site has class schedules, club reviews, news and events.  http://www.tropicasino.com


* SALSAWEB.  This L.A. based site is extremely popular and has everything you want to know about salsa instruction, congresses, health and gossip.  Hat's off to Edie the Salsa Freak for her great work www.salsaweb.com


DanceSpots Network* DANCESPOTS.NET  This a great way to places to dance and dance teachers in the U.S. and Canada. www.dancespots.net


*MAMBO IN SAN FRANCSICOThis beautifully designed is the brainchild of graphic designer and Mambo instructor Gil Flores.  MamboSF is a great resource for the growing community of Bay Area dancers who are devoted to dancing on the "2".  www.mambosf.com

 HOUSTON SALSA. This city site give info on classes, Salsa club links and Salsa history.  Check it out if you're going to Houston. www.houstonsalsa.homestead.com

OLD TIMERS CAFE. This Seattle based bar-cafe has live Salsa music and dancing on Fridays and Saturdays.  This is a regular gig for bands such as Nueva Era and Latin Expressions are bands who have also appeared in the Bay Area. Looks like a fun place to go dancing in Seattle. www.oldtimerscafe.com

ATLANTA DANCE WORLD.  This site gives info, links and photos on Salsa, Tango and Hollywood Swing, a form of Lindy Hop.  What could be better--stuff about my 3 favorite dances. http://www.atldanceworld.com

CUBAN SOUL. This site focuses on a very popular Wednesday night dance party at Nell's--a Salsa club in New York City.  Lots of articles, photos, and  latin radio links. http://www.cubansoul.com

 HOT SALSA IN FLORIDA.  Hotsalsadancecompany.com is a Southern Florida dedicated to promoting the N.Y. style Mambo (a.k.a. dancing on "2").  The site has links, photos, club listing and articles on different styles of Salsa.  http://www.hotsalsadancecompany.com

DC DANCE NET.  A useful  resource for Dance information in Washington, D.C., Maryland, Virginia, and beyond. http://www.dcdancenet.com

LATIKNOW.COM.  Beats provides the club listings, events and the latest happenings in NYC. Their slogan is "" DON'T JUST BE LATINO...BE LATIKNOW!!!"

SALSASITE.COM-New York Style On 2. This Norwegian Online Salsa Magazine covers  the salsa scene in Norway and gives info on major Salsa events around the world. Find it at http://kunst.no/salsa/main.htm

MUYBUENO. Muybueno is a Northern California site aimed at promoting Latino business, community, culture and education.  The site provides info on Latin music events, professional socials and news about careers, politics and culture for the Latino community. www.muybueno.net

HUSTLE AND SALSA.  This site gives all you need to know about a major hustle and salsa dance competition coming up April 4-7 2002 at the Radisson Deauville Hotel in Miami.  Check the site for registration, schedule of events, accomodations and more. www.hustleandsalsa.com

SALSA IN NEW YORK.  Salsanewyork.com is an urban powerhouse of information for anyone even thinking about going to New York to dance.  Wonderful articles, up to date club listings and info on the history of Salsa. The site devotes special attention to devoted Mambo dancers. www.salsanewyork.com

VIVA LA SALSA.  This southern California site gives info on nightclubs, instructors, CD reviews and profiles of DJs for Los Angeles and Orange county.  www.vivalasalsa.com

 SALSA CLASSES IN DENVER: Latindancefx is a good place to checkout for Salsa dance lessons if you're in Denver.  Nice photo gallery too. www.latindancefx.com 

SALSA in CHICAGO.  Salsachicago provides a wealth of information about Salsa events, instructors, bands and dance workshops in Chicago.  They also have links, videos for sale and a message board if you want to get the inside scoop on their dance scene. www.salsachicago.com

 SALSAPOWER.  A GLOBAL site with specializing in Cuban, Casino-style Salsa, Rueda and Cuban music.  They have a large world-wide SalsaCities section, CD reviews, interviews internet radio station links, USA and international links, tours and concert schedules and more.  www.salsapower.com

MAMBO ON 2. A site that features photos of Salsa events in the NY/NJ area. Also has more mambo/salsa links and directory of Mambo instructors.  www.mambon2.com




*SALSA IN AUSTRALIA.  If you are heading to Sydney Australia, this is the site to visit.  There is tons of info on clubs, bands and events.  www.thelatinvoice.com

*SALSA IN MANCHESTER.  Seriously Salsa gives all the latest in workshops, events, festivals and news about Salsa dancing in the Manchester area.  A cool looking site. www.seriouslysalsa.com

SALSA IN UK  Salsa-UK lists London based clubs, workshops, classes and has a hot Salsa gossip section. http://www.salsa-uk.com

SALSA DE CUBA.  Salsa, Rueda de Casino and Merengue in Budapest, Hungary. http://salsadecuba.hu

SALSA FESTIVAL.  Salsa events and concerts in Germany. http://www.SalsaFestival.de

SALSA FEVER.  A British site that includes city and club guides, shopping, videos and news on worldwide Salsa congresses. www.salsafever.com

SALSA AND JIVE. This site is dedicated to Salsa and modern Jive dances done in U.K..   They have have a chat room, CD reviews and club listings. www.salsajive.co.uk

SALSA EVOLUTION. This French based site gives information on French Salsa dance troupes, concert and international salsa events.  www.salsaevolution.com

TODO SALSA. This is great looking site from Spain covers salsa clubs, teachers, concerts and announcements.  www.todosalsa.com

SALSA PLANET.  This Italian based site covers Salsa events, music, dance workshops and concerts in Europe. www.salsaplanet.net

SALSA GOLD. This British site lists Salsa dance clubs in London, Windsor and Southampton.  http://salsagold.co  

DJLATINO.  This weekly internet based magazine from Italy gives  information in DJs, book reviews, technology and CD reviews of Latin music. http://www.djlatino.net

SALSA DJ.  This London based site gives lots of information on NY style Mambo, events in Europe, photos and Salsa links.  http://www.salsadj.com


SALSAHOLIC. This German based site provides information about salsa, a concert calendar for central Europe, 'gig contacts' for musicians and promoters in Europe, dancing workshops, a glossary of latin music, CD reviews with RealAudio sound samples and more. Some parts are only available in German (marked with the german flag), but more and more is also available in English. A great resource for Salsa in Europe.  www.salsaholic.de/

SALSA IN TORONTO. This a great city website from Toronto.  Lots of links, cool information and pictures.  If you want to know about the Salsa community in Toronto and beyond, take a look. www.tosalsa.com

LATIN DANCE-AUSTRALIA.   Latin Dance is a group that specializes in Latin(including Brazilian)  dance instruction and entertainment in Australia.  If you're in Australia  and you need that Salsa fix, check their classes. www.latindance.com.au.

THE LATIN WORLD.  A Holland based site with information on rueda, dancing locations in Holland and lots of links to popular U.S. and world wide international Salsa websites. www.thelatinworld.myweb.nl

  STREET DANCE AUSTRALIAN DANCE SURVIVAL GUIDES.  The largest ezine in Australia dedicated to the Latin StreetDances.  The site provides articles on the background, technique, basic moves and choreography for the major latin street dances.  There are guides to clubs, special articles and a lot more! http://www.geocities.com/sd_au/

MAMBO CITY. A English website with articles on Mambo and Salsa history, picture gallery, events calendar and Mambo T-shirts.  Great graphics and lots of information for Salsa globetrotters.  http//www.MamboCity.co.uk



*NEAL'S VIDEO. This is probably the most comprehensive resource for buying salsa dance videos.  They review a huge selection of instructional videos and music and dance history videos. If you want to see great dancing and know more about the culture, check out this site. http://www.salsavideoreviews.com

* LA CATEDRAL DE LA SALSA is a Buenos Aires based site dedicated to offering music and videos for the international salsa community. Their specialty is classic and rare items. http://www.lacatedraldelasalsa.com


* SALSA CREATIONS presents biographies, photos and graphics of Salsa artists with midi music.  Their pages are frequently updated and lots of great information and music.     http://www.salsacreations.com

*SALSA MAGAZINE.  This is the Southern California site for a very popular printed Salsa magazine. The site gives you information on hottest clubs, events, concerts, dance workshops, interviews with your favorite artists, reviews on CD's, books and videos, classifieds, the hottest of fashion and beauty, models and more... http://www.salsamagazine.com

*DISCUBA.COM.  This Havana based site has a great on-line store for latin music, particularly Cuban music with excellent prices for CDs, videos and free downloadable MP3 file. http://www.discuba.com.

*THE JFK GALLERY--SALSA MEETS JAZZ. This website features photographs by Ray Cotter of Jazz and Salsa artists in the San Francisco Bay Area from the 1970's to today.  A great photo history of Salsa music in Northern California. http://home.earthlink.net/~rfcotter/

MAMBO CITY. MamboCity is a company formed by Bobby Marin and Jeff Davis for the express purpose of marketing good, new SALSA talent with out losing the MAMBO characteristics of the past.Additionally, we have learned that the latin-music-loving public is aware of and demands to hear more of the MAMBO, BOOGALOO music of the past. They have also made available some un-familiar treasured recordings by some of the biggest names of that special era.  http://www.mambocity.com

* ROOTSTER.COM.  A database of interesting websites featuring word, music, images and ideas. The site has a special Cuban roots section.  www.rootster.com

* BORICUA.COM.  This site is a hotline to what's happening with Puerto Ricans on the Island, in the U.S. and all over the world.  The site is chocked full of information on festivals and events, arts and entertainment, news and politics.  www.boricua.com

* PUTAMAYO.  Putamayo World Music  produces great CDs featuring Afro-Latino and World Music groups to expand your music horizons.  Their website has a comprehensive catalogue, MP3 samples and hot news stories about World Music artists. Their CD covers have some amazingly colorful, lively art work. Start with Afro-Latino music and go from there.  www.putamayo.com

*TUMI MUSIC.  Tumi music is a leading Latin American record label which offers hundreds of Cuban and traditional music titles on-line. www.tumimusic.com

   * BOOGALU.  Boogalu Productions is devoted to promoting unsung Cuban music, visual art and other spirited expressions of Cuban culture featuring great but lesser known Cuban bands who perform traditional popular music. The site has original artwork and graphic design, audio samples, full song mp3, photos, special features plus background information on people, places, and culture.  www.boogalu.com

TIMBA. This great Timba website gives biographies and discographies of Cuba's hottest new music groups. Site also includes tour dates, insight to contemporary Cuban language, food and culture and tips to travelers coming to Cuba. www.timba.com

CHARANGA FLUTE KINGS.  A great resource for those who love and want to know more about the sweet, elegant sound of charanga music. Lots of recommended CDs and links to modern charanga bands in Northern California. http://home.earthlink.net/~charanga/

 MAMBO DANCE HISTORY. An article on Mambo dance history and recommended music selections. http://www.centralhome.com/ballroomcountry/mambo.htm

BACKGROUND TO MAMBO, SALSA & CHA CHA.  Several well written brief articles by Paul F. Clifford about the origins and evolution of these Latin dance/music forms. http://www.geocities.com/sd_ay/sdmambo.htm

REBECCA MAULEON'S HOME PAGE.  Bay Area musician and music historian is the author of one my favorite books on Salsa history.  Salsa Guide book—lots of information for dancers and musicians and vintage photographs. http://www.rumbeca.com/linkspage.html

IZZY SANABRIA. Izzy Sanabria is a graphics artist and publisher who was known as Mr. Salsa and may have been one of the first people to use the word "Salsa" to describe the Latin music we know and love. He published the magazine "Latin NY" from 1973-1985 which chronicled the people,places, politics and events of Salsa.  Get a look at the early days of Salsa in New York by looking at posters, biographies and exhibits on his site. www.salsamagazine.com.

SALSANET.  A nice graphic time line of salsa history from 1932 to the 1999 release of “Buena Vista Social Club”.

DESCARGA.  A wonderful glossary of salsa music and dance terms. Lots of books and records and interviews.  It has many links to websites specializing in salsa and Latin music. http://www.descarga.com

OUR ON 2 DANCE AND MUSIC.  This is a more in depth look at “New York style” Mambo with articles on dance history, dance structure, clave and tumbao rhythms and proper dance etiquette.  A definite must-see for all mambo fans.   http://www.salsanewyork.com/ourdancemusic.htm#EVOLUTION

SALSA MAGAZINE.  This is Izzy Sanabria's homepage and features articles about the Salsa scene in New York in the early 70's and 80's.   Mr. Sanabria is renowned for his illustrations and articles in the ground breaking magazine "Latin New York", a predecessor to today's "Latin Beat Magazine".  The site has vintage posters, T-shirts and commentaries from the early days of Salsa.  http://www.salsamagazine.com

PLANETSALSA.  A big site that covers dance history, interviews with dance and music legends and the usual listings of clubs, concerts and instructors. http://www.planetsalsa.com

Latin-Dancer.Com A Washington D.C. based website that includes reviews of local clubs, instructional videos CDs, movies, movie reviews, charitable events and matters of public interest.  http://www.latin-dancer.com

SALSANEWYORK.COM—MORE INFORMATION.  A New York based website with a huge amount of information on salsa and Latin web sites in the U.S. and internationally, calendar of events for mambo dancers who “break on 2”, and information that dancers will love.  http://www.salsanewyork.com/moreinfo.htm  

AFROCUBAWEB.  This comprehensive site discusses music, dance, arts, literature and politics from an AfroCuban perspective.  There is a good section about dealing with Visas, travel agents and government agencies when traveling in Cuba.  It gives you a look at what's happening in Cuba besides music and dancing.  www.afrocubaweb.com

SALVADOR GONZALES. This is the official website for Salvador Gonzales Escalona,  AfroCuban painter and sculptor who is well known for his murals around the world.  My article Adventures in Cuba has shots from his mural at the Callejon de Hamel, an alleyway in Havana that has amazing free rumba parties every Sunday.  His artwork reflects the mysticism and spirituality of AfroCuban religion and culture.  If you look closely at Maraca's CD "Descarga Total", you'll see they are standing in front of one of his murals. www.afrocubaweb.com/salvadorgonzalez/salvadgonz.htm

JUST SALSA.  Another New York powerhouse site with lots of links and some of the best Salsa photos on the web.   The site also features artwork, videos and links to the NY Mambo Organization. www.justsalsa.com

THE MAMBO FELLO. Mike Bello(a.k.a. Mambo Fello) runs this Southern California based site that is dedicated to dancing on "2".  He is gifted dance instructor and devotee of mambo who is spreading his message on the West Coast.  The site has lots of useful articles, links and information for dancers and musicians who are addicted to mambo. www.mambofello.com

LATIN DANCE.  A very comprehensive international Salsa site that covers the club scene,music and history.www.latin-dance.de

PUERTO RICAN FOLKLORIC DANCEThe site covers Puerto Rican music and dance history, performance groups, classes, references and  links to other websites.www.prfdance.com

PLAZACUBA.  This new educational travel group  sponsors Cuban dance and music workshops in Havana, Cuba and in the San Francisco Bay Area.  Several of the founders were associated with Caribbean Dance and Music Workshops. Wonderful site with great pictures. http://www.plazacuba.com



*CLAVE-RHYTHMZ Clothes.  This Illinois based site has shirts and tops for men and women with Salsa inspired logos.  http://www.clave-rhythmz.com



*CAPEZIO DANCE SHOP.  This site offers a full line of dance apparel for Salsa, Tango, Swing and all forms of popular dance.  Take a look--they have more than ballet shoes and tutus.  www.capeziodanceshop.com


*SHOWTIME DANCE SHOES.  If you're looking for simple or fancy dance shoes this is the place to go. Showtime Dance Shoes carries a huge selection shoes made by many well known manufacturers and their catalogue (which has great pictures) can be downloaded as a PDF file. They also offer special discounts on some shoes and lots of useful information. http://www.showtimedanceshoes.com/

*AVALON DANCE SHOP. This Vancouver based site sells shoes and dancewear and accessories for ballroom, ballet, tap, flamenco and even belly dancing.  http://avalondance.ca

DANCE PANTS FOR MEN.  This site features elegant dance pants and vests for men for the well-dressed Salsa or Ballroom dancer. htttp://www.dancepants.com

MAMBO CLOTHES.  Mambofateegz.com sells t-shirts, headgear and numerous accessories for Salsaseros and Salsaseras around the world.  http://www.mambofateegz.com



*EDDIE TORRES STUDIO:  Mambo is alive and well thanks to the tireless efforts of Eddie Torres, New York's legendary dancer, choreographer and teacher of the Palladium era style of dancing "On 2".  His site includes his schedule of classes, biography, photos, links and articles from the Master.  CLICK HERE FOR OUR RECENT INTERVIEW OF EDDIE TORRES and his insights on Mambo past, present and future.  http://www.eddietorresstudio.com/

*THE SALSA GUIDE:  David Paris, New York based Salsa performer and instructor has organized this informative site.  It includes his bio, class lists, links and a some great information on different styles of Latin music.  CLICK HERE FOR DAVID'S ARTICLE about his view of the Mambo dance scene in New York. http://www.thesalsaguide.com.

 THEPLACETODANCE.  This is the website for the Rendezvous Ballroom in Minneapolis.  They offer private and group lessons in many forms of social dancing. http://www.theplacetodance.com

 DESCARGA LATINA. Descarga Latina Dance Co. came together in January1997. Under the direction of Nelson Flores, Descarga Latina has toured internationally tovarious European countries and all over the United States.   Mr Flores has also produced an Off-Broadway show about the history of latin dances called Latin Madness. http://www.descargalatina.com

* DANCE INTERNATIONAL.  This Texas based site gives information on classes, workshops, events, photos and links related to Dance Sport and Latin Dancing.  http://dancein.home.texas.net/index.html

*MAMBO MAMAS.  This is the official site of The Mambo Mamas, a New York based group of large-sized women who have been dancing Salsa professionally since 1993. Creator Abbey Plotkin went against the grain of everything she had been taught by her family and society: only thin women were sexy and attractive, only thin women could be dancers. I have seen these ladies and they are great. http://www.mambomamas.com

LATIN HIPS.  This is the official site for Salonon and Sandra Rivera, International Latin Dance Champions.  Their site features FAQs, message boards, photo gallery and instructional videos.  The site devotes special attention to the "Save the Children" foundation. www.latinhips.com

 NOT JUST DANCE.  This is the official website for Danze Dimensions Dance Company.  The site has information on mambo, tap, hip hop, ballet and jazz dancing.  The site is "designed to strengthen communication and unity among dancers".  www.notjustdance.net

ABAKUA DANCERS.  Abakua Dancers is a Mambo/Salsa dance group based in NYC.  The troupe is lead by  Frankie Martinez., Instructor, Choreographer, Performer and former Eddie Torres’ dancer. The word ABAKUÁ refers to Afro-Cuban history of Mambo and the mambo rhythms born from the African Batá Drums.  Their site has a wonderful gallery of pictures and articles on dance history.  www.abakuadancers.com

LATINDANCEPROS. This is the official site for the Laura Powell dance studio in Pasadena Ca.  The site contains a calendar of events, class schedule, dance tips, photo gallery and great Salsa links. www.latindancepros.com.




*SALSA WITH SOUL.  This site focuses on cruises and travel for people who enjoy salsa, line dancing or  zydeco.  What a great way to spend a vacation, cruising and dancing.  www.salsawithsoul.com


*DANCE LEAD.  This site is major resource for many forms of dance.  DanceLead offers a internet directory for all forms of dance, supplies, accessories, music, partners, steps, the latest news in dancing.  They have a link to MP3dancers.com which has  tiny video figures of real dancers who dance IN RHYTHM along the bottom of your computer screen. http://www.dancelead.com


*SON SUBLIME. This is the website for the New York based 11 piece charanga band Son Sublime.  They were well received by Bay Area dancers when they appeared here in 2001. You can listen to tracks from their latest CD on the site.  www.sonsublime.com

* DANCEWAY. This Canadian based site covers all the aspects of "DanceSport".  DanceSport (competitive ballroom dancing) is one of the most popular leisure activities found all over the world. The site has articles, a dance dictionary, discussion groups and a photo gallery. http://www.danceway.com

*DANCE CLASS MUSIC.   Jay Distributors offers over 200 music, video, and CD ROM  titles for dance class training from Bodarc Productions & other labels. We also carry  many different variable speed audio players from Denon, Tascam (Teac), JVC and other well known manufactors.  www.danceclassmusic.com

LEARN SPANISH.  Learnspanish.com is a language instruction site that covers a lot of territory and is fun to use.  In addition to the usual  vocabulary and grammar drills, they have listing of language schools all over the world, cultural notes and links to other Latin cultural websites. Improve your Spanish and have fun. www.learnspanish.com


The goal of this Miami based site  is to promote, encourage, publicize and facilitate the art of Salsa dancing
including leisure and competitive styles, by giving demonstrations, holding competitions and exhibitions, by organizing or sponsoring lectures, lessons and examinations.

WSF also awarding certificates, prizes and scholarships and promoes uniformity of instruction in the basic and advanced steps of Salsa through a uniform Bronze, Silver, and Gold Syllabus. www.worldsalsafederation.com   




CON CLAVE with Chata Gutierrez

KPOO 89.5 FM

Saturday 12 noon to 4 PM

Every Saturday my ear is glued to the radio to hear Chata spin vintage Latin music and current salsa CDs.  She often interviews local and visiting musicians and gives a refreshing, knowledgeable perspective on salsa history and Latin culture and politics.  Check it out!  

LATIN JAZZ with Jesse "Chuy" Varela

KCSM  91.1 FM

My Sunday afternoons are in the hands of the dynamic, entertaining and informative Jesse "Chuy" Varela.  I have been listening to his show since he had a show on KJAZ.  He covers a broad spectrum of Latin music including hot salsa, Latin jazz, Brazilian music and everything in between.  His interviews of perfomers and personal insights on Latin music, politics and culture are not to be missed.

LATIN BEAT MAGAZINE. 15900 Crenshaw Blvd.  Suite 1-223. Gardena , CA 90249. (310) 516-6767. Since 1991, This magazine has been publishing CD reviews and interviews with top salsa and Latin Jazz artists.  Another popular feature is the hit parades of favorite songs compiled by from DJs in New York, LA, San Francisco, Puerto Rico and Miami. Latin Beat’s contributors include the renowned music historian Max Salazar from NY and our own Jesse “Chuy” Varela from KCSM FM 91.1.  Order some of their back issues for an in depth look at the evolution and trajectory of salsa and Latin jazz.  Their website, http://www.latinbeatmagazine.com is now up and running.


Email and feedback can be directed to: rita@salsacrazy.com

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