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ODC is proud to announce a three-week residency by the renowned Cuban dance group, Ban Rarra. The company will be here from February 22 to March 11 presenting live music/dance concerts at ODC,  a performance at La Pena and music/dance workshops at variety of locations in the Bay Area.

Photo:David Garten

Dr.Isaís Rojas Ramirez , founder and artistic director of Ban Rarra, established the company in 1995 to preserve and perform folkloric and popular Cuban dance/music forms, particularly those that originated in Guantanamo, a province in eastern Cuba.

Dr. Rojas, like many of the members of Ban Rarra, is a descendents of Haitian refugees and specializes in the traditional dance form called Haitiano Cubano (Haitian Cuban). The company performs Haitiano Cubano dances (e.g. Vodu, Gaga, Tumba Francesa, Tajona and Papa Guedé ) as well as other folkloric and popular dance forms.  During their stay in the Bay Area,  Ban Rarra can be seen performing carnival dances (Conga Santiaguera and Chancleta) and more well-known popular dances such as Salsa, Casino Rueda, Mambo, Cha Cha Cha, Son, Changui and Merengue.

Dr.Rojas is one of Cuba's most respected teachers and exponents of folkloric dance.  He is a graduate and currently professor of dance at the Instituto Superior de Arte (Superior Institute of Art) in Havana.  During his 25 year +career,  he has excelled as a student, teacher, choreographer and performer and traveled extensively throughout Cuba and the Americas,

Photo: rita@salsacrazy

A recent Cha Cha Cha lesson with Dr. Rojas

To promote the success of Ban Rarra’s residency, ODC theater is partnering with several local organizations to ensure that the Bay Area community gets experience this superb troupe and the richness of the Cuban culture. The performances are co-sponsored with Acción Latina, Mission Cultural Center for Latino Arts, Global Exchange, Rhythm & Motion Dance , CitiCentre Dance Theatre, Columbia Park Boys & Girls Club, Dimensions Dance Company and La Pena Cultural Center. Ban Rarra company members will conduct dance classes, youth workshops, percussion and dance workshops and a symposium discussing African influences on the folkloric traditions of the Americas.

For the full schedule of workshops and performances, log on the calendar section of www.salsacrazy.com.

Photo: rita@salsacrazy


For more information, contact ODC theater 

3153 17th St.  (at Shotwell) S.F.

Website: www.odcdance.org


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