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Pa'l Bailador 

Johnny Polanco y Su Conjunto Amistad
CD review by rita@salsacrazy.com

Johnny Polanco Y Su Conjunto Amistad have again proved that they are one of the hottest bands in LA with the release of their long awaited second CD Pa’l Bailador. Their music is so high energy, vibrant and rhythmic, you can’t sit still.  The salsa dancers will have a blast with this one.

One of the things I love about this CD is that it pays tribute to many different Latin music styles such as son, guaguanco and bolero from Cuba, hard core Salsa from Puerto Rican and New York and a little touch of cumbia and merengue from Dominican Republic. It is truly a celebration of the multi-layered, infectious musical heritage of what we call Salsa.

Pa’l Bailador features fresh new arrangements of old favorites such as “Xiomara”(#2), “Me Voy Pa Colombia” and “Vine Pa’ Echar Candela. But there are many new songs composed by Polanco and members of his band including “Tierra De Mi Abuela Y Papa”(#8), “Concinado Un Son” (#5)and “Baile De Los Ninos”(#11). One my personal favorites “Sal De Mis Suenos”(#4) is already getting a lot of air play on Bay Area Salsa radio stations. Something old, something, new—something for every one.

Pa’l Bailador highlights the musical versatility of Polanco by showcasing him playing tres and cuatro guitar, vibes, trombone and conga on various tracts. His cuarto solo on Sal De Mis Suenos (#4) takes us back to the early days of Salsa and echoes that special sound of salsa from Puerto Rico. Artie Webb, the stellar flautist for the group (who is also a fabulous Salsa dancer) gets to really sparkle on selections such as “Me Voy Pa Colombia” (#3) and the cha cha cha “Un Mesaje Para Brenda (#10)

I really applaud Polanco for putting the much-neglected vibraphone back to center stage in selections such as “Un Mesaje Para Brenda (#10). 

Pa’l Bailador gets a fresh blast of energy from special guest vocalists Ray De La Paz, Herman Olivera and Freddie Crespo .

I can hardly wait until for Johnny Polanco's next visit to the Bay Area.  Whenever he appears here, the people  come from all over to dance to his exhilarating sounds.  The songs from  Pa'l Bailador will incite dancers to really cut loose and groove.

In short, I highly recommend this one. Pa’l Bailador is  hard-core, passionate salsa at its best. Buy this CD  today, tell your friends about it and be sure your local DJ starts playing it at the clubs.

1- Guanguancó con Rumba 
2- Xiomara 
3- Me voy pa' Colombia 
4- Sal de mis sueños 
5- Cocinando un son 
6- Desconfianza 
7- Pasa el tiempo 
8- Tierra de mi abuela y papá 
9- Brazo en brazo 
10- Un mensaje para Brenda 
11- Baile de los niños 
12- Vine pa' echar candela 


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