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 Maraca" is one of my all time favorite Latin music performers.  This gifted Cuban flautist and bandleader is always accompanied by a stunning array of musicians and singers and they deliver memorable live shows. His music has an innovative, driving contemporary sound. His band showcases some of the best and brightest young Cuban musicians . His concerts are a mixture of  the roots of Cuban music (son, danzon) and modern stylings that enchant lovers of jazz and Salsa.  Visit his website www.maraca.cult.cu for more information and pictures about this gifted artist.  His latest release "Tremenda Rumba!" is another winner with guest performances from Yoruba Andabo, Changuito, Mayito Rivera, Yumuri,
Pancho Amat and Lazaro Dagoberto Gonzalos.

Thanks to Roberto Tomas, Latin music fanatic, we have some great photos from his appearance at Yoshi's in 2001.  Be sure to see him the next time he is in town.