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Roots to Timba


Musica Cubana was a wonderful journey through 150 years of Cuban music and dance.  Organized by Roberto Borrell, this series of performances and workshops featured his band Orquesta La Moderna Tradicion, singers and dancers from Cuba and Bay Area musicians. The performances were designed to showcase the three most important influences on the evolution of Cuban music and dance : Spanish, African and French. Musica Cubana  began with music/dance forms such as jota from Spain, Cuban country music, trova, bolero, son and son montuno.  The second portion gave examples of African influenced forms (abakuá, conga and guaguanco) and French inspired music (danzón, contradanza. The last portion presented more  contemporary music/dance forms (cha cha cha, guaracha, songo, mozambique and  timba.  Here are a few photos of the performance and workshops.

Legendary soneros Gregorio "El Goyo" Hernandez Rios (left) and Lazario Rizo Cuevas from Cuba

Dancing while Jorge "El Brujo" Liceaga plasy tres

Rigoberto Duquesne and Clara Molina watch Marcos and Clara enjoy an intimate dance embrace

Marcos and Marta in full swing

Roberto Borrell (right) and company heat up the stage with their drums

Marcos Borrell Duquesne and Marta Vazquez dance while Michael Spiro plays percussion

Marcos tries to score a vacanao during the guaguanco.

Marta and Marcos love dancing the guaguanco





If you want to know more about the Roberto Borrell and Orquesta La Moderna Tradicion, log into www.danzon.com.

For information on Roberto Borrell's classes on traditional Cuban music and dance styles log into http://danzon.com/eng/dance/dance.htm