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SALSAROOTS is a website dedicated to the acknowledgement, preservation and promotion of the Afro-Latin music/dance traditions which have shaped the evolution of modern day Salsa. 

 SALSAROOTS.COM is a unique source for Afro-Latin CDs, dance history, videos, books, articles and internet links brought together in one spot.  We are adding new stuff all the time.  Please bookmark this site and keep checking back.  


SALSAROOTS aims to give Salsa lovers an interesting and provocative introduction to the history of Salsa through music, video and text presentations.  We want to enrich you  with lots of information and inspire you to delve more deeply into the origins of Salsa.  We encourage you to check out our lists of books, CDs and videos and  links to other websites.  

If you want to get a first hand look at the Cuban dance styles described on the site, check out our video ANORAZA DE UNA EPOCA (Longing for Times Past).  You must get this video. Click here for more information.


As a devoted salsera, whose world revolves around dance and music, I became excited about uncovering the origins of body movements, arm patterns and footwork of Salsa dancers I see in clubs from Havana to NY to San Francisco.   Every one agrees that Salsa dance forms has originated from Afro-Cuban and Puerto Rican traditional  dances.  As Salsa permeated the U.S. music scene, the dance/music genre has also been influenced by Afro-American jazz, rhythm and blues, swing, and now hip-hop.


Salsa lovers respond physically and emotionally to complex, primal rhythms pulsating from many different musical instruments.  The timbales, congas and horns call to our hearts and our hips and feet respond. This passionate interplay between dancers and musicians is well described by the lyrics of “Calle Montuno” , a song by Azabache (a San Francisco based Salsa Band).


Much thanks and praise to the dancers, musicians and  all devotees of salsa !


---This site is dedicated to Tito Puente (“El Rey) 1923-2000.




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