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Direct from Havana



David Calzado Y La Charanga Habanera bring Timba, the most popular and new style  of Cuban music,  to Kimballís Carnival for three nights. This will be their only Bay Area appearance.  
When?  Friday June 15 ($25), Saturday June 16($25) and Sunday June 17($20) 
Where?    Kimballís Carnival is located at 522 Second St in the hip Waterfront District of Oaklandís Jack London Square

For more information call 510.444.6979

Why are all these people singing and dancing?

       David Calzado began his career at the age of eleven by studying classical violin. He later graduated from the prestigious Escuela Nacional de Artes (National School of the Arts) and played professionally with groups in Havana. His big break came when he joined La Charanga Habanera.  La Charanga was formed in the late Ď80s when a French businessman came to Cuba looking to form a group to play traditional son music for a Monte Carlo casino in the summer. In 1992, Calzado took charge of the group, and  began a transformation that made it one of the top timba bands in the world.
     Timba was created in the late '70's by young musicians in Havana who found that traditional Cuba music like son didn't satisfy their musical needs.  Timba extends the traditions of son, rumba and mambo by drawing on jazz, rap, rock, soul, funk, classical and bebop to create layered, lyrically streetwise compositions.  Before the '90's timba was virtually unknown outside of Cuba--at least until renowned Cuban bands like Los Van Van, Bamboleo and La Charanga Habanera made it global.

You gotta come out and hear this music!

 You'll be dancing all weekend long.