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Cuba 2003 Photo Gallery

Things to take for yourself:

 Books to bring with you for daily reference are by Christopher Baker are Havana Handbook and Cuba Handbook

 Look at the discussion group http://library.thinkquest.org/18355/gather/cgi-bin/mboard/TravelBoard/list/cgi for more info on Cuba.

 Also look at www.nashtravel.com. And www.afrocubaweb.com.


Pepto Bismol – take three days before and keep taking them for a while and you will have no problems!  However if you do need help, go to the Hotel Capri, there is a doctor there - $15 for immediate treatment.  Drink tons of water and eat yogurt and papaya and cooked vegetables several times per day.

Toilet paperr is rationed out in restaurants and hotels and most places do not even have toilet seats. 

Kleenex (always take when going to restaurants for the bathroom)


Umbrella and light jacket

Drink tons of bottled water. 

Small flashlight since the power can go out anywhere and at anytime.

Any office supplies (eg paper clips, pens, rubber bands)

All your medications.

All your film because it costs more there.

Send your mail from the hotel postal services.  It might actually get out of the country this way.

Make copies of your passport and keep it and all other valuables and spare cash in the hotel safe.

 What to take for the Cubans:

T-shirts with logos

Ladies underwear



Dental floss


Aspirin!--other OTC pain and allergy medications


Nailpolish, soaps, perfume and makeup

Hand/body cream

Shampoo, Hair care products

 Best food is at the paladares—family owned restaurants.  Havana Handbook has several good ones listed. 

Remember to take $20 with you for your departure tax when leaving Havana.

 Taxis – always negotiate the price, unless it is a Panataxi or taxi with a meter, you can get to most places for $2 never pay more than $3 to get to one district from another

 Car rental – next to Hotel Capri – Hotel Parc Central

 Internet access: Hotel Parc Central and Capitola—No internet cafes yet

Be careful! At night time always hold onto your purse, watch etc., kids loiter around and they move fast!


-Los Dos Gardenas in Miramar for Bolero’s

- Uneac – rumba’s on a Saturday afternoon

-          Casa de Amistad

-          Club at the top of Habana Libre Hotel

-          Café Cantante

-          Casa De La Musica

-          Fox and Crow Jazz Club – La Rampa

-          Jazz Club – across from the Hotel Melia and Hotel Riviera

 Flea Market close to Plaza de Catedral--great souvenirs

Visit the Castle at 9:00p.m. every evening they fire a canon, with an interesting ceremony and folkloric dance show

Callejon de Hamel, Rumba on  Sundays – Salvador art gallery (fun)

 Visit the Yoruba Musuem across from the Park India near the Capitolia

Visit the Museo de Belles Artes 

Visit the Music Museum near the Prado

 Internet service available at the Capitolia, Habana Libre Hotel, Parc Central Hotel

 When visiting people in their homes take, cooking oil, food, or take them out to a Paladeras

Go to El Torre for a drink on the 33rd floor near Calle N/17


If you go to VINALES:

Stay at the Hotel Jasmines, $64 for cigar factory tour, rum factory, hotel, lunch, dinner and breakfast 

Lunch at El Romero Restaurant in the Terrazas Nature Preserve

If you go to:TRINIDAD

Casa de la Cultura 

Playa Ancon – go to Casilda 12 kilometers away, a great Paladares at  Carridad and ?  Calle Concordias y Valdespino, Casilda