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Club Casino Salsa Contest Winners

From Fred Flores, Club Casino

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The Stars of Salsa Dance Competition Finals were held Wednesday February
16th, 2000 at Club Casino. A standing room only crowd was witness to some of
the best Salsa performances seen in competition for quite some time.
Congratulations to all the great contestants in each division. You are what
makes Salsa great and represented yourselves with lots of charisma and
showmanship. A description of the event and the division winners follow so
enjoy and see you next time!

The Event:

You could feel the excitement in the air before the competition began.
Anticipation was high for what would transpire in the professional division,
as it would be a rematch between pre-contest favorites John Narvaez and Liz
Rojas, and Ricardo Sanchez and Michelle Castro.  These two couples had met
late last year at the Telemundo Salsa Contest with John and Liz taking a very
close decision. These two standout couples would have their work cut out for
them though, as local pros Ricardo and Sarah Tellez, and Dalton Chan and
Allison Hurwitz would provide excellent routines in a bid for the top spot.
The amateur division boasted some great competition of it's own as well.
Orlando Valle and Miriam Chacon brought excitement and flash to their
routine, in contrast to the elegance and grace of Eugene Gleser and Rebecca
Melton. Also vying for the top spot was the ever popular Peter Ohio and
Tricia Yeh who would prove to be more than contenders.

Not to be outdone, the Just Salsa competitors opened the event and set the
pace for the intense competition. Eric Relos and the effervescent Becky
Aponte brought personality and pizzazz to the dance floor while the elegant
and smooth Ciro and Maryanne Martinez were right in the fight for the top
spot. Gil Flores and Rachel Zuniga and Luis Alba and Teresa Lopez would also
give them a run for their money.

The judging panel was a who's who of local Salsa talent and personalities.
The Roll call included: East West Salsa Champions Ava Apple and Luis Rosa,
Pro Instructor Jake Jacobs, The Super Salsero himself Alex DaSilva, Pro
Instructor and Keeper of the Dance on 2 movement Audrianna Correa, Pro
Instructor par excellence Isabelle Rodriguez, Head Judge for NY Salsa and
Hustle USA Mr. Raul Ante and the Venerable West Coast Promoter Mr. Albert
Torres.  These qualified individuals would have the responsibility of
judging the dance contestants.

And now, on with the show...

Taking the top spot in the Just Salsa division were the dynamic and fun Eric
Relos and Becky Aponte. 2nd place was awarded to the very smooth Ciro and
Maryanne Martinez.  In 3rd place were the cool and steady Gil Flores and
Rachel Zuniga.

Taking top honors in the Amateur division were the graceful and elegant
Eugene Gleser and Rebecca Melton. 2nd place went to the dynamic couple of
Peter Ohio and Tricia Yeh.  In 3rd place were the exciting duo of Orlando
Valle and Miriam Chacon.

Taking the grand prize and first place in the Professional division was the
outstanding team of Ricardo Martinez and Michelle Castro. 2nd place honors
went to the original and creative duo of Ricardo and Sarah Tellez. In 3rd
place were the skillful and bright team of John Narvaez and Liz Rojas.

Congratulations to all our winners, competitors, judges, sponsors and Salsa
fans!  You made this an event worth remembering. We at Club Casino wish to
extend a heart felt "Thank you!" to all of you who made this event possible.
It has been our pleasure to interact with people of such professionalism,
honor and dignity.

Once again, thank you!

Until next time...

Club Casino


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