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Individual - One on One Dance Lessons Available for Beg., Int. & Advanced Dancers!

If you are Interested in Group Classes, Look Here!


Either Fill out the form below, or email  Private Classes available now!

Private Classes are currently only available in the San Francisco Bay Area,

on Saturday Afternoons, $75 Single or Couple.


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Comments/What are your goals?


What is Salsa - Why do I want to learn it?


Salsa is the ultimate partner dance!  Great clubs, great people and great music. 


 It's exciting, inspiring and creative. 


What are the benefits of learning to dance?


There are almost too many to mention! 


If I had to boil it down to a handful of reasons why you must at least give it a try -

Incredible Social Benefits - Meet tons of people!  Far more than you could in any other medium.  Ask anyone who has tried it.  The social benefits, for both men and women, are second to none. 


It will aid you in life - in way's you can't possibly imagine before trying it.  You become better at work, more focused, more fulfilled, and far more self confident!  You'll carry yourself in an entirely different way. 


Get a workout - You'll get in great shape, increasing co-ordination and flexibility.


Connection with other people, Community - For many, Salsa Dancing will get you in touch with a fantastic, diverse and fun group of people, and it allows you to form a connection with another person (while dancing) that is rare in today's society.  It's called partner dancing for a reason, and there is nothing quite like having a dance, with someone you've just met (or you've known for years), which allows you to share such happiness and joy.  Being one with the music!


More fun than you've ever had - That's quite a lofty benefit, but for many, they find that Salsa Dancing is just the element that has been missing from their lives.  No single type of dance is for everyone, but Salsa is a lot (and I mean A LOT) of fun

I'll stop there, but there are so many other reasons!  As I sit here writing this, more and more reasons pop into my head of why people, anyone, should learn to dance.  Hopefully I've provided enough reasons to at least have you take the first step.


Why Private Lessons?


Private Lessons are the QUICKEST way to learn your basics, or to improve your intermediate skills!  If you want to learn how to dance in a reasonable amount of time, privates will get you there faster. When combined with group classes, private lessons can get you dancing very quickly.  It's important to do BOTH private lessons, and group classes.  Neither one, done in isolation, offers the greatest benefit.  If you want to learn, and you've got no time to spare,  you'll follow SalsaCrazy's basic "Salsa BootCamp" Schedule, which is:


2 Privates a Week.

At least 1 group Lesson a week (with different teachers)

1 Night of Dancing (minimum).


When taking your privates with SalsaCrazy, all your question get answered!


What are you going to get?


Everything you need to feel confident on the dance floor.  The goal in these classes is to get people to a point where they can have a good time - able to dance with anyone, at any time, to any music. 

We cover a lot of basic structure and technique - centering on the details and fundamental lessons of salsa dancing (and partner dancing)!  Why details?  The faster you get to a point where you understand the basic techniques and fundamental structure of the dance, the faster you can develop your own style.  The goal is to be able to go out there and have fun with anyone on the dance floor.  You'll be able to dance with confidence and style with a rote beginner up to a professional dancer.

Hearing the Music!


Expressing yourself through the music (a.k.a. STYLE)


I can certainly teach you MY style.  I can even teach you someone else's style!  However, the goal is to get people to a point where they can develop their OWN style.  Style is a form of expression that comes from you.  Deep inside!  The goal is to get you to a place where your individual style comes out, and looks good!  This doesn't happen overnight.  In fact, to be honest, it can take years.  However, from these lessons you will take away all of the skills necessary to build and grow yourself as a dancer, & you'll have a great time along the way!


Attitude, Confidence and Fun:


This is what it's all about!  Getting people out on the dance floor with a positive attitude, confidence, ready to have a great time! Leaders: All the skills necessary to carry yourself confidently on the dance floor.  Be able to dance with any follower! Followers: Dance with any leader! Feel the lead, any lead, and have the speed to follow it.


Why Learn with SalsaCrazy?


Are we the only  teachers in the Bay Area? No, the Bay Area is filled with numerous exceptional dance teachers. In fact, we'll tell you about most of them! What we are is truly committed to teaching people how to dance salsa.  This isn't just a job, it's more of a crusade.  We are extremely detailed, very articulate, and filled with endless energy and enthusiasm to get you started!  We are highly qualified teachers who have taught dance for years in a variety of schools and classes.  We know what to teach, how to teach it, and who needs what.  We're good coaches! Give it a try!


Either Fill out the form below, or email  Classes available now!


If you haven't already, fill out the form for more information:


Home Telephone #:

Email Address:

Current Dance Level:


Comments/What are your goals?


Also - Don't forget to join our "Learn to Salsa" mailing list to stay up

to date on classes, workshops and the latest Dance Classes information!


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Who is SalsaCrazy?


Refer to the About section on SalsaCrazy.Com for bio, history & other interesting tidbits!


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