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HOT SALSA FRIDAY's Salsa Dance Contest!
Sponsored by Albert Torres Productions
Ricardo & Michelle & PB&G productions

Two exciting weeks of qualifying rounds!

February 15th - 1st week - 3 winners selected
March 1st - 2nd week - 3 winners selected.
March 15th - Finals - 6 couples compete.

Trophies for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners.

1st place couple will be sent to Los Angeles for the Annual West Coast Salsa Congress
sponsored by Albert Torres Productions.


Official Dance Contest Rules:

1. Each couple will dance in one group warm-up round for
    2 minutes to music selected by the DJ.
    Each couple will then perform a solo dance for 2 minutes to music
    selected by the DJ.

2. To compete, you must qualify in ALL of the following:
    A. Neither member of a competing couple has ever won 1st place in any other contest/competition.
    B. A competing couple CAN belong to dance group.
    C. Neither member of a competing couple can be a leader of a dance group.
    D. Neither member of a competing couple can teach/is an instructor.
    E. At least 50% of your routine must be recognizable salsa.
        Tricks, lifts, dips allowed.

3. Scoring:
    A. 50% Timing
    B. 20% Presentation/Performance
    C. 15% Choreography & Execution
    D. 15% Leading/Following Connection

4. Couples may register via email or on the day of competition.
    E-mail entries to: or

  If you do not qualify the 1st week, you may come back March 1st to
  compete again. In putting your routine together, please know as the
  winner of this competition, you will represent the Bay Area.
  Please put forth your best.

1. Each couple will dance in one group warm-up round for 2 minutes
    to music selected by the DJ.

2. Each finalist couple will then perform their solo routine for 2 minutes
    to music of their own choice. Choreographed routine strongly suggested,
    but not required. Matching/coordinated outfits or costumes mandatory.

Good Luck to all contestants!

Ricardo & Michelle & Pretty Boys & Girls Productions


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