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New Years Salsa Dance Camp


Doral Resort, Palm Springs


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The New Years Salsa Dance Camp was held at the Doral Resort in Palm
Springs from December 28, 2001 to January 1,2002.  I had signed up in
November which gave me a full event pass for $100.00.  This pass included
everything: 4 party days, all day workshops, cocktail mixers, attendance at
the Salsa & Pro/Am Contests, plus the wonderful New Years Eve Dance and
Party (hats,favors, champagne and more...).  The pass also included a bonus
event; access to all the Swing Dance Camp events and workshops that were
taking place across the hall.  No better deal anywhere!  I definitely got
my moneys worth and more!

The also had a reduced room rate at the hotel for all participants but as I
was staying with a friend (5 minuets away!) I didn't check that out.


Luis and Joby Vasgez
Josie Neglia and Alvaro
Enio Cordoba and Terryl Jones
Rudy Zales
Al "Liquid Silver" Espinoza and Edie "The Salsa Freak" Espinoza (Hosts for
Salsa event)These two are mind boggling! See them perform. Take their
classes. Well worth it!
Donnie Carl
Jay Byam and Molly Anderson  (Hosts for Swing event)

The Instruction
I cannot say enough fabulous things about these wonderful people.  Solid,
creative and professional performers.  Fun, specific, clear, impressive and
inspiring instructors.  The foundation for all the classes was #1 FUN and
#2 SAFETY! And they said so...repeatedly!  This impressed me a great deal.
Rarely do I hear our SF instructors stress the safety issue and it needs to
be stressed!  Instructors, please note that you can challenge the heck out
of your students and as long as you make it fun and safe they will walk
away feeling challenged rather than frustrated. More likely to come back:)
 Although the intermediate and advanced classes were intricate and very
fast, due to the excellent breakdown of timing, counts and moves, everyone
left with enough to work on and a good understanding of the sequences. 

The Workshops
Salsa beg/int/adv.
Styling for both men & women (my second favorite with Luis & Joby)
Hot Moves - 3 classes tricks & dips(my personal favorites with Edie & Al)
Cha Cha
Casino Ruenda

The Participants
 They came from Canada, L.A., Las Vegas, San Diego, Palm Springs, and yes
10 from S.F.. A great group of people.  Warm, friendly, inclusive,
generous, giving and tolerant.  No clicks.  No "attitude". Very refreshing.
The atmosphere was that of a house party.  Exciting but low key and
relaxed.  Everyone appeared to "work the room" dancing with lots of
different partners even though 3/4 had come with partners.  The instructors
did the same.  The dance level was mostly beg/int.  I was constantly
invited to join strangers at their table, invited to share refreshments
ect..I felt welcome the entire time.  Smiles every where you looked.  I
like that.

The Vendors
They had everything.  Shoes. Dance attire from casual to sexy to elegant.
Rhinestones everywhere.  Dance tapes from all instructors.  Massage area
(free at certain times during the day) a big hit as I'm sure you can
imagine.  And, of course, the required tee-shirt booth.

The Travel
I decided to drive down.  Eight hours.  Do-able, although I wish I had
company during the drive I was glad to have a car once there for trips
around town and scanning the area.

The Recommendation...YES!  YES! YES!  Although there were more single women
than single men at this event and I still got my daily quota of dance in
(and more).  If you are concerned, bring a partner.  Overall I had a blast.
Smiling, laughing and dancing for days.  My idea of a great holiday.
Everyone I talked to wanted to come back next year.  I think I might join

Author :

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