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Christmas and New Years Parties at Cafe Cocomo


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What can I tell ya, it pays to be considered a VIP at Cocomo (or as its
general manager Roshan put it, a VVIP - very very important person).

Some regulars received invitations from Cocomo staff to attend a private
party at the club on Christmas Day.  No promotions were made, but anybody who heard about it was welcome.  It was a first for me and I didn't know what to

For the first time in a long time I've seen the Cocomo dance floor usually
packed with dancers on salsa nights. I even had a peek at the new addition
behind the wall, which will be (hopefully) coming down for the New Year's Eve
party (Is it this year's party, guys?)

It was a small private affair with about 40-50 people including salseros.  A
big party table was put on the floor. Unlimited free drinks, dinner with a
variety of meats, salads and shrimp plus Christmas music put everybody in a
good mood.  After dinner and dancing we had a gift exchange game similar to
musical chairs where gift stealing from others was allowed. A portable CD
player proved to be the most popular gift and was stolen 3 times (maximum

The party started at 4pm, people kept showing up throughout the evening and
when I left at 11pm it was still alive and kicking.  What a great initiative
from the Cocomo family!

As usual, we can expect hordes of fans showing up at the club's for the party
of the year: New Year's Eve. The additional space will be revealed and
inaugurated not a moment too soon.  Thanks for the memories, Cocomo!


As all this club's patrons know, salsa events here are packed no matter what
day of the year it is. Now you can imagine the situation on the final day of
the year when some of the regulars are getting squeezed by "special events"
public who show up only for holidays.  Expecting this influx of new faces
Cocomo put up a tent in the courtyard and revealed its highly anticipated
addition of a new room (and not a moment too soon). It's a tastefully
decorated room with a small dance floor, a few tables and an extra bar. Will
it make a dent in alleviating crowding on the main dance floor?  Let's hope so.

Even at 9pm, early for regular dance events, the street parking leading to
the club was full - you had to go to the next block.  What was mentioned as
snacks in the fliers advertising the New Year's Eve party for $25 was
actually a full dinner with a variety of dishes (how do they make their meet
so soft?).  And even though according to the advertisements it was served
only till 10pm, you could still eat well past that time as new replenishments
were brought out.

You could hear the first scheduled band Franco Brothers playing already
shortly after 9pm and the second band Kache still playing close to 2am.  One
would think by that time crowds would start dissipating.  Not a chance. The
club was as full at 2am as it was at midnight.  What does it tell you?
Patrons having a great time.

What's Cocomo's secret for enduring success even in recession?  While many
dance clubs do not survive for a very long time due to various reasons,
Cocomo's continuing popularity could be attributed to its constant
evolvement.  The management here does not rest on its laurels, they boost
their image regularly with new promotions such as free Customer Appreciation
Nights (next one is coming up on Jan.4), improving the décor and adding more
floor space to make sure regular dancers keep coming back. But most
importantly they know how to keep customers happy without penny pinching and
this is one major reason patrons favor this popular hangout.

Many happy new years, Cocomo!


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