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Salsa-Proof TOPS

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You know that salsa is taking over your life if when shopping, you end up buying more clothes for salsa dancing than for work. However, some items that look great on the rack, may end up distracting you on the dance floor. So how can you tell if the clothes are salsa-proof?  Read on. Warning: content may be somewhat explicit. 


First, select the garment. Second, go through your Clothing Calisthenics (link to salsaproofclothes article).

Selecting the garment.


*  Tops

Spaghetti straps Ė

Yes, if the fabric is stretchy and will move with your shoulders.  Extra tip: at the back, pull the two straps together and safety pin them together. This creates the sexy effect of a cross-back strap and guarantees your straps will stay in place while dancing.

No, if the fabric is not elastic. How annoying is it to finish a turn and having to pull up straps that keep falling off your shoulders?


Strapless/tube tops Ė

Donít know how some women do it, but thereís no way I could wear a tube top and dance fearlessly. I mean, after raising an arm, Iím halfway exposed. Not exactly the kind of excitement Iím looking to give to onlookers.  Women who dance and wear strapless/tube tops might be using these tricks (and Iím partially guessing here) 1) donít move their arms as much while dancing 2) safety-pin or sew the tube top to a bra with clear straps 3) duct tape the top to themselves or 4) maybe they have bigger chests to fill out and hold the top?


Backless tops

I love these tops, but not everyone can wear them.  Again, if it has a spaghetti strap design, then use a safety pin to pull the two straps together at the middle of your back to prevent them from slipping off your shoulder. Iíve heard that some leaders donít particularly like leading a woman wearing a backless top because the sweaty back is too slippery or icky or something. Canít confirm that complaint myself. Most dancers I know love a sexy back, sweaty or otherwise.


Halter tops and tops with cross-back straps -

These are one of my favorite salsa proof tops. Wear a bra that converts to a halter style (around the neck strap) or criss-crosses at the back and voila, youíve got support, your sexy shoulders exposed, and no worries about flashing. For some women, there is a danger of this top shifting left/right across the body, causing exposure. Pinning the shirt to the bra, though, should take care of that problem. 


One-shoulder tops

Types of bras you can wear under these tops: 1. Bras with clear straps 2. strapless bras with one strap attached on one side, and safety pinned or sewn to the top on the other side (pin the bra to the side of the top that is just under the arm pit).  3. or if the top has a built in bra, or you can go bra-less, lucky you!


Going bra-less under your tops

Secret tip: Some women can go bra-less while dancing. To reduce the diamond-cutting nipple-look, place a band-aid or duct tape over the top of each nipple. Donít worry. Itíll be easy to take off at the end of the night since the area is probably drenched in sweat anyway.


*  Salsa Proof Bottoms (Link to Salsa bottoms article)



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