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Metronome Ballroom's On2 Socials (Once a Month)

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Once a month, at the Metronome Ballroom, there's an On2 Social.  Hosted by Ava and Luis, local dance teachers/competitors, the social consists of an hour and a half of both beginner and intermediate lessons (that go on at the same time in different locations), and then a night of dancing, with usually a few dance shows thrown in.  This is the third time they've done it, and with two visiting teachers from out of town, (New York, the birthplace of On2 style dancing), it was quite a sight to behold.

The lessons go from 6:30 - 8pm and then the dancing goes from 8pm, until around 11.  People of all levels come to this social, with many teachers and advanced dancers mingling (somewhat) with the beginners and intermediates.  Overall, the dance level was well mixed, and I found plenty of people to dance with, and a lot of variety.  Like most ballrooms, there were plenty of women (hello guys, you listening?).

Like the "Hot Salsa Friday" event I gave a short-take on here, this is a very relaxed and casual event.  It avoids some of the competition and intimidating nature of clubs, and thus is a perfect place for the beginner dancer to cut loose and practice.

Ok, this is the Swing Dance DJ, which happens right next door, from 5-8pm!

A warm welcome awaits you at the Metronome!

Let's Dance!

Now that is a nice class!

Do What?

Big Class - in a Big Ballroom!

Dark Picture time

Ricardo and Michelle

Dance Shots!

More Dancing

Is that Gil?

Ricardo & Michelle with Ismael Otero from NY (and partner)

Ready to Dance!

The Divas!

Fred Astaire - and Ginger too!

Juan (from NY) and his Smokin' partners!

The 2 Crew!


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