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Hot Salsa Dance Friday
Once a month in San Jose (Photos at bottom)

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Here's a quick review of the Hot Salsa Friday's, thrown by Ricardo and Michelle in San Jose.  In a word, it's great, and I'd love to see more events like it. The event is thrown at the Dance Spectrum Ballroom, a very nice ballroom, fair sized floor, and good ventilation.  There's plenty of parking outside, it's easy to get to (right of the freeway), and it's a great time.

The idea is simple - 2 hours of classes (one beginning and one intermediate), then dancing and shows all night.  It's fun and casual! Everyone is there to have a good time - either to practice, be social, or just plain dance.  Plenty of women and men, and very easy to approach people, it avoids some of the difficulties at clubs.  Anyway, Ricardo and Michelle took this idea one step farther by inviting some fantastic New York teachers/performers out to dazzle the crowd, and perform some amazing routines. 

Did I mention, after class there was food? A huge buffet, and it was included in the admission (a very inexpensive $10).  You wouldn't expect much of the food, but you'd be wrong!  The food was really good.  Those meatballs were awesome.  Kudos for the meatballs. ;)  As if you could dance after all that food, the music starts, and people dance in a casual, nice atmosphere.

This is just a quick idea of what it is, so let me sum it all up.  It's easy to get to (I came from San Francisco), it's easy and safe to park (fine area, parking right outside), it's a nice ballroom (good floor, bathrooms etc. . .), free water for everyone, free food for everyone, salsa all night long, two lessons, good sound system, and plenty of people to dance with.  These happen once a month, and if I were you, I wouldn't miss the next one.  This is a fun time for beginners to advanced dancers alike, but would really be fantastic for beginner/intermediates.  Kudos to Ricardo and Michelle for sponsoring such a great event and bringing in teachers/performers from other areas around the country (and of course, for the meatballs)!

What could make it better? Even more people! So what are you waiting for?


You've arrived at the right place!

A great reception awaits you!

Plenty of Room to Dance!

It's starting to fill up!

Let's Dance!

Let's Party Line!

And you weren't there?

Plenty of Dancers - Plenty of Room to Dance!

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