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 Had to make a section where I could put stuff that I run across, no matter what it is, and give you the lowdown on it.  Here's a few albums, some recent, some not, that SalsaCrazy recommends.  The list will undoubtedly grow with time!


With the holidays right around the corner the staff of is making your shopping a little easier - a salsa CD gift guide. The selections were all made by local DJs and represent their CURRENT favorite CDs.  Nearly every title can be found on either or Also check out  Rasputin's, Amoeba, and Discolandia.

The selections:

 Artist                                                            CD title 

** From DJ Henry **
 'Maraca' Y Otra Vision,                      "¡Descarga Total!"
Fruko Y Sus Tesos,                             "Power Salsa"
Luisito Carrion,                                    "Sin Tu Amor"
Azuquita,                                              "1-2-3 Maria"
Alfredo de la Paz,                                "Munequa"

**From DJ Carlos **
Yuri Buenaventura,                             "Soy Yo"
Romeo & Juliet,                                 "Son"
Junior Gonzalez,                                "Tribute To Héctor Lavoe"
Africando,                                          "Mandali: Africando All Stars"

**  From Chata Guiterrez **
Puente/Palmieri                              "Masterpiece"
Saxomania                                     "El Nazareno: A Tribute To Ismael Rivera"
Son Boricua,                                   "Musical A Cortijo-Rivera"
Valentin Valdes,                             "El Principe de Timbal"
Bobby Valentin,                             "La Gran Un"

** From  Luis Medina **
Oscar D’Leon                              "¡En Vivo! Copacabana, NYC"
Alfredo De La Fey,                      "Latitudes"
Sonora Poncena,                        "45th Anniversary Album"
Charanga Habanera                  "El Charanguero Mayor"
Fruko Y Sus Tesos                     "Power Salsa"

About the DJs:

DJ Henry can be heard every Thursday and Saturday night at Cafe Cocomo (SF).

DJ Carlos spins every Wednesday and Sunday night at The Spotlight On The Square (formally Mr. E's, Alameda).

Chata Guiterrez hosts the radio show "Con Clave" on KPOO 89.5 FM on Saturday from noon-4 PM. She occasionally is the guest DJ at clubs such as Kimball's (Oakland), Glas Kat(SF) and Jillian's (SF).  Look for more of her recommendations at under "Chata".

Luis Medina hosts the radio show "Con Sabor" on KPFA 94.1 on Saturday evenings from 9-11 PM. He is a regular DJ at Jelly's (SF) and Glas Kat, (SF).

Sonora Poncena On Target Introduced to this band in Puerto Rico, and they are GREAT! Also look at Son By 4.
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