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The Premiere Salsa Dancing Guide for the San Francisco Bay Area and Beyond.

Salsa Dance - for the Dancers.

SalsaCrazy.Com started in January of 1998, and the domain name for the site was purchased on Monday, June 21, 1999.  SalsaCrazy started as a way to express an absolute love of salsa dancing.   It's focus, to highlight the salsa clubs where I danced, the salsa teachers whom I took lessons from, and the salsa dance community which had become such a large part of my life. Salsa dancing completely changed my life, and the way I look at the world, and I wanted to share that with others.  The website has been a hobby for me through the years, and it's grown (and grown, and grown). This is a philanthropic effort to spread the joy and happiness of salsa dance to as many people as will listen.  

After this many years, we are entering a substantial phase of our growth, and with the year 2001, we'll be providing far more services than ever before. We've come from a time when the site would get a few hits a day, to the enormous number of pages we serve each and every day, today.  

We update the site several times a week, and provide numerous ongoing services:

One of our first services,  the SalsaCrazy email list, started on Aug 25, 1998. In July of 2001, the email list was broken into several different lists to serve different groups of people.

The SalsaCrazy Calendar (accessed from button on the right nav bar), in one form or another, started in January of 2000.  We are currently upgrading the calendar to new software!

The Dance Partner Database started in July of 2001, as well as the SalsaCrazy.Com Travel Section.

SalsaCrazy is currently run by three people, but we have new people coming on board every day.  Writers, promoters, are you interested?

You can read quite a bit about all of us here, but in brief:

SalsaCrazy, Rita and Lalo.

SalsaCrazy - advertising, business development, site programming, special promotions. SalsaCrazy@SalsaCrazy.Com.


The calendar section of the site will always be kept up to date, looking out at least a month is advance, telling you who's going to be playing where.  We understand the importance of knowing where to dance on any given night of the week.  To get your event listed, or to comment on that section, send email to  Also does all graphic design (flyers, t-shirts, etc . . .). Owner of SalsaRoots.Com .


In addition, we have resumed our "Weekly Picks" email, which gives you a snapshot of some of our picks each week, for where the best dancing is going to be taking place.  This list is put together by  JOIN OUR EMAIL LIST TO SEE THE PICKS (you can join on the right side bar, on top).


People are always asking about statistics.  How many people come here, etc. . .I decided to give people a brief glimpse of ONE WEEK in March 2001.  Each month we seem to increase about 10%!



Each week visitors came from 2,611 distinct Internet addresses.  This is called "Unique Users", and is a base measure of how many different and unique people visit a site each week.


A typical visitor examined 12.74 documents before leaving the site.  Wow - that's A LOT of page views each and every week (2,611 * 12.74), and that's only counting unique visitors (not return visitors). A typical visit lasted for 1.10 minutes. The longest visit lasted for one hour and 58 minutes (what did he do, leave his computer on and go get dinner?).



1pm in the afternoon is our most visited time!


Wednesday is our most visited day, and Sunday is our least.


Our number one document is not our FrontPage (not the main page you see when visiting). This is a rare thing and we're still figuring out why.


There are 6 main "Front Doors" to SalsaCrazy (websites people use to access the site), not including the Front Page (homepage) of the site.

Anyway, that's enough statistics about SalsaCrazy for now.  Would you like to reach us: - General Info. - Daily and Monthly Calendar, All events, SalsaRoots. - Weekly Emails, Special Events

We are always looking for new people to write, or otherwise join our community at SalsaCrazy.Com.  If you'd like to join us, just drop SalsaCrazy a line!  There are many ways to contribute and we're happy to bring new people on board. 

Mailing Address:


 3701 Sacramento St, #416

San Francisco, CA  94118



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